Hockey Stuff – Beginners Where To Start

In order to play hockey will offer ideas on how to approach the getting involved.  The beginner can start at any age.  In my experience a person will start playing hockey at at 3 times in their life which are the Mite/Novice Level,  the Teen level or the Adult level.

Beginner – The Mite/Novice Level

The beginner level in Minor Hockey is the Mite/Novice level.  The starting ages vary in each country and usually 5-8 years old. As the player advances in age he/she advances to different age groups.  Different countries have different age catagories and different names.  In the USA the minor hockey levels are Mini Mites are age 6 and under with Level A only, the Mites are 8 and under with Levels AA,A, and B, the Squirts are 10 and under with Levels AAA, AA,,A and B, the Peewees are 12 and under with Levels AAA, AA, A and B, the Bantams are 14 and under with Levels AAA, AA, A and B,  the Minor Midgets are 16 and under with Levels AAA, AA, and junior varsity high school) – A, the Minor Midgets are 18 and under with Levels AAA, AA , varsity highschool AA and AAA.  Triple AAA is th highest level in each group  and called Tier 1 etc.  Canada has one of the largest minor hockey programs in the world with the structure is similar to the USA .

Beginner – The Teen Level

The beginner at this Level is someone who wants to play recreational hockey.  This person may have started in the Minor Hockey system but dropped out and still wants to play for exersise, fun and fellowship. This is usually non structured and played indoors but more likely to be played outdoors in the colder climates that exist in the Northern USA and Canada.

Beginner – The Adult Level

The beginner at this Level is someone who has played hockey in their past or is interested in getting some exercise.  This person may have started in the Minor Hockey system but dropped out and still wants to play for exersise, fun and fellowship. This is usually non structured and played indoors.  In some areas the demand is so great that they have leagues and regular scheduled games.  The more common way that I have participated in is for every person to place there sticks at the center ice circle. Then one person slides half the sticks in the direction of the goal nets..  That is a good random way to make two teams.

At the Adult, players who have player Junior, College, Senior and Professional hockey get together to play what is known a Alumi hockey.  The teams usually get together to raise fund for a charity and a fun way to help the participating community.

Skills Needed For Beginner

The most important skill for hockey is skating.  Public skating is offered in all areas hockey is played.  After skating for a year or two one should be ready to find a hockey team.  Before finding a hockey team to play with one should be able to skate forward, backward, and lateraly with the ability to stop and start easily without falling down. Skating promotes fun, participation, exercise and fellowship. Canada has a CanSkate program which has cerified coaches to teach skating to hockey players and other sports.

The next skill to have is use of a hockey stick.  Some of the stick skills are shooting, and passing handling, There are many different shots available,  Some of the shots are wrist, slap, backhand, slow and fast.  One can shoot while skating forward or backward, and standing skill.  Sticks have lies which is the angle the stick blade is connected to the shaft of the hockey stick.  The flex in the sticks vary and different players like different degrees of flex.  One last thing that is important to your stick skill is the height of the stick to each player.  A short stick would be to the underside of the chin with skates on. A medium length is to the bottom of your nose and a long stick would be to the middle of your forhead. It is a good idea to start with a medium length stick and experiment with longer and shorter sticks as your skill improves.

The next skill needed is physical.  One needs strength to check your opposition, Cardiac fittnes provides endurance to skate fast and manover around the oposing team.  This skill can be developed off the ice in a gym, running,  swimming or other physical activites.

Hockey Equpment Required

Some of the equipment needed to pay hockey are skates, helmet, shin pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads, hockey pants, hockey gloves,  hockey socks and sweater, jock and an equipment bag.  Also, a mouth guard, neck guard, and ankle guards should be considered depending on the level one plays. There are numerous buying guides and fitting guides available to act as a guide.


I hope this gives you a better understanding of hockey for the beginner. If a person wants to play professional hockey it is best to start as young as possible.  I would enroll in a structured system utilizing top trained coaches and managers.